Our Facility is federally approved and complies with local and national guidelines. We fill water bottles for the Canadian market form our "Gold Medal Spring", situated in the South East corner of Manitoba. This unique water source taps into an Ancient Glacial subterranean lake with Extraordinary flavour and health benefits as a result of natural mineral and Alkalinity of 7.8 PH. Eautopia’s spring water is processed by carbon and microfiltration, ultrafiltration, UV and ozone treatment. This is a rigorous purification process that ensures you get the cleanest and purest water possible. We take pride in knowing that every bottle of Eautopia water that leaves our plant is free of contaminants and impurities. Hover over the images to learn more about each step of our water purification process.


In this phase, water from the local aquifer is filtered through our carbon tower as the first step in clearing the water of any impurities. Next, the water is treated by a softener to remove unwanted sodium and magnesium ions that make the water hard.

Carbon Tower & Water Softener

In this phase, the water passes through multiple filters that remove impurities such as bacteria and microbes.

Micron Pre-filters

At this point, the water goes through our Hollow Ultrafilter or Reverse Osmosis System which uses a semi-permeable membrane to help purify the water further. This membrane allows water molecules to pass through, but holds back larger molecules such as bacteria and unwanted ions and minerals.

Hollow Ultra-filter & Reverse Osmosis System

After passing through our multiple micron pre-filters the water goes through a ultra violet (UV) light filter which disinfects the water by eliminating any microorganisms that may be left.

UV Light Filters / Sterilizers

After the water is passed through the reverse osmosis system the water is then oxygenated by adding ozone to the water, stripping it of any remaining chemicals and bacteria. Once this process is completed, the ozone converts into oxygen. The result is 99.9% purified water.

Ozone Oxidizing Agent

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